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Brief about SANTEC

SANTEC provides a well-structured logistical system and its own service department. Moreover, we provide on-site support and continuous training of our partners. With us as a competent partner, you are always on the safe side. We support you with first-class products, practical tips and everyday expertise.

In 1974, the company was founded as Sanyo Video Vertrieb AG. Since 2012, the company is part of the BURG-WÄCHTER group and since 1 June 2012, the company name has been changed to SANTEC BW AG. The BURG-WÄCHTER group is a family-run corporation and has a heritage of over 90 years. The company is an internationally renowned manufacturer of access control, electronic and mechanical locks, letter boxes, door and window security, safes and cash boxes. BURG-WÄCHTER develops its products exclusively in Germany and maintains production facilities in Germany, Eastern Europe and China.

SANTEC BW AG is a self-contained company within the group and is managed by the two directors Dietmar Lüling and Paul de Jong. The SANTEC brand provides professional products for video surveillance. SANTEC products are exclusively available via the video surveillance retail partners of SANTEC BW AG.

Products for IP

  • IP cameras
  • IP speed domes
  • IP camera sets
  • IP speed dome accessories
  • IP camera accessories
  • IP video server
  • Lenses for IP cameras
  • Videomanagement and recording

HD-SDI – Full HD over coax cable

  • HD-SDI cameras
  • HD-SDI speed-domes
  • HD-SDI camera sets
  • HD-SDI speed domes accessories
  • HD-SDI cameras accessories
  • HD-SDI monitors
  • Lenses for HD-SDI cameras
  • Videomanagement and recording

Analogue cameras and accessories

  • CCTV cameras
  • CCTV speed domes
  • CCTV camera sets
  • Speed domes accessories
  • CCTV cameras accessories
  • CCTV cameras with UTP
  • Lnses for CCTV cameras
  • Videomanagement and recording

Specials, monitors and accessories

  • Camera housings
  • Storage & virtualization
  • Illuminators
  • Video sonsors
  • Monitors
  • Infrared sensors
  • Thermal cameras
  • Access control

Assembly and transmission

  • CCTV transmission
  • Tools
  • Netzwork transmission
  • Plugs and cables
  • Quad units
  • Power adapters
  • Matrix systems
  • Service offering