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microdevice Electronic In Room Safebox

As Simple as entering your combination

The most versatile minibar in the market: with interior light and a wide ranage of finishing. Your guests are going to be able to protect their valuables-conveniently and having to take a key with them. Guests simply program in their personal code is automatically deleted. If a guest forgets his code, or leaves the safe locked after checking out, or if any failure occurs, your hotel has the following emergency opening systems:

  • Master Code
  • Hidden mechenical locks

  • Audit trail print-out
  • Braille
  • Customized Keypad
  • Laser Cut
  • Colour Chnage
  • Internal light
  • Internal light
  • minibar
  • minibar
  • minibar
  • minibar
Available Dimensions

  • minibar recommended for general use (wallet, cash credit cards, video and photo cameras, etc)
  • minibar recommended for use and up to 14", 15 laptop size
  • minibar recommended for general use and up to 17" laptop size
Product Features
  • Carbon steel construction
  • Two chromed steel bolts
  • Internal, hiden hinges
  • Finish of anti-corrosion, epoxy paint
  • An interior pad that lines the base
  • Drill holes and hardware for fastening the base and back
  • Mortised opening that uses a programmable cod.
  • A mechanical lock for emergency opening
  • operated using alkaline batteries
  • Laser cutting