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Online Room Management system

Born in 1981 Microdevice has become a leader in the italian market of bulding automation.

Microdevice manafactures electronic supervisory components and systems for bulding automation. Microdevice is able to gurantee all the functions required to manage the facilities, the complete room management, Thermostat adjustment, safebox, minibar control, Online, Management of public areas, reception area, extrenal area, techonogical plant and interface with accounting and other software.


Room Management

You can allocate to their rooms and decide which service they can use (swimming pool, suna solarium etc.). all room settings as temperature, fan-coil speed (with guest in/out, or in unallocated rooms) can be customized. Room traffic (main, maintenance) can be controlled. Reports form room consumption can be created too.

Heat Adjustment

Room and temperature can be set through PC accroding to whether the room has been rented or not, and whether the guest is in the room or outside. This module includes consumption reports too.

Safe box and mini bar control management

Both conventional rom safers and mini-bars can be connected to the central PC and monitored.


Therefore safety and consumption charges are always guaranteed!

Management of public areas

With this moduel you can set temperature in public areas, switch the lights of/off, charge fees for your service (e.g. sauna, internet point, fitness area), control alarms ad allow people to enter your facilities only if provided with an enabled chip card.

Reception area

Our supervision software manages the issue of chip cards and the allocation of services for each user, in addition to check-in and check-out. It enables the configuration of general hotel parameters, monitoring configured data management in real-time

Management of external area

You can control the use of car-parks, accessses to external facilities (e.g. swimming-pools, tennis courts) the can be enabled by the hotel management. Service charges and staff shifts can be managed with this module too.

Management of technological plant

This moduel includes head adjustment and management of plant charges (boiler, air processing unit). By integrating this module in your solution you can save up to 30% of energy consumption!

Interface with accounting and other software

Hotel supervisor can be integrated with other software (accounting, charges, electronic cash). Hotel supervisorcan be used with the following Front office software packages; Fidelio, Eric Soft, Dat, GP DATI, NI,CE., etc...