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Hotel Card Lock System

Miwa Lock Company, Japan’s foremost lock manufacturer, has been designing, building and supplying electronic locks to the hospitality industry since 1980.

When looking for a product where security and guest convenience count, our ALH and AWH range of locks and operating systems hold the solution for you. All Miwa’s products are built to meet and exceed the world’s highest standards, from conception through to manufacture our dedicated engineering team ensure that the best possible product is produced without compromising quality. Whether you are looking for locks for a small or large properties, limited service or full service Miwa has the solution for your security needs.

The AW2H lock has passed the ANSI 156.25 lock standard making it a true Grade 1 electronic mortise lock which is manufactured in our ISO9001, ISO14001 certified factories in Japan.

Guest Security

Guests with a hotel-issued smart card, such as loyalty card, can pre-register online and enter their rooms with minimum delay.

Power Supply

Though operating on only 2 AA alkaline batteries, the 2W2H lock will function for around 1 year before the low battery warning is indicated.

Low Battery Warning

There is a visual warning when the batteries are running low, this is given to the staff cards, ensuring your guests are not inconvenienced.

Power Supply Terminal

In the unlikely event of the batteries running out completely, there is an external power supply connection, so that power can be directly supplied to the lock.

Infrared Programming

Using the standard infrared port, communication to the AW2H lock is fast and easy, both for programming and retrieving the audit data.

Audit Trail

Provide a record of the last 200 valid card entries as well as last 100 error log, so that you can track activity associated with the lock.

Non-volatile Memory

Retrains the data when batteries are removed, keeping your lock software and audit data safe.

Resin Coated Card Reader

The one piece card reader has been designed for easy maintenance, this includes a dust shutter and the main board being coated with a layer of resin, ensuring a reliable operation for both your guests and staff.